2020 Colusa County Redistricting

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All hearings will be held in the Board Chambers

546 Jay Street, Suite 108, Colusa, California 95932

DateTimeAgendaStaff ReportMinutes
November 2, 20219:00 a.m.11-02-2021 BOS Special Meeting
11-02-2021 Staff Report
Minutes Special Meeting 11-02-21
November 9, 202111:00 a.m.11-09-2021 BOS Agenda
11-09-2021 Staff ReportMinutes 11-09-21
November 15, 20216:00 p.m.11-15-2021 BOS Special Meeting Agenda
11-15-2021 Staff ReportMinutes Special Meeting 11-15-21
November 23, 202111:00 a.m.11-23-2021 BOS Agenda
11-23-2021 Staff ReportMinutes 11-23-21
December 7, 202111:00 a.m.12-07-2021 BOS Special Meeting Agenda
12-07-2021 Staff ReportMinutes 12-07-21
December 14, 202111:00 a.m.12-14-21 BOS Agenda12-14-21 Staff Report


Public participation and interest are encouraged and appreciated.  Any member of the public may testify at the public hearings as follows:  


You may address the Board from the podium during the time in which the public hearing is open at the meeting.  


You may submit public comments, including suggested draft maps, by emailing boardclerk@countyofcolusa.org; or by U.S. Mail or hand delivery to Colusa County Clerk of the Board, 547 Market Street, Room 102, Colusa, CA 95932