School and Child Care Immunizations

Information about immunizations required for school and child care entry in California can be found on the ShotsForSchool website link below:


Medical Exemptions

Information on changes to requirements for medical exemptions from immunizations for school and child care can be found on the ShotsforSchool website.

Requests for Medical Exemptions are processed through the California Immunization Registry (CAIR) Medical Exemption (ME) website: CAIR-ME

CAIR-ME is a secure site for physicians to issue and manage standardized medical exemptions for children in school or child care. Parents use the same site to request medical exemptions from vaccination for their children. Schools and child care facilities can monitor and get updates for medical exemptions issued for children in attendance.

Parents: Instructions to Request a Medical Exemption can be found here: CAIR-ME Parent Instructions. Note: If parents do not have internet access, the physician may assist parents with submitting the request.

Physicians, Schools, and Child Care Facilities:  Webinars on how to navigate the CAIR-ME process are posted on the ShotsforSchool website.