Oral Health Program

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Colusa County Oral Health Program Vision and Mission

The Colusa County Oral Health Program Vision and Mission are to provide resources and optimal oral health services to all Colusa County residents and to prevent and treat oral diseases and conditions by building local capacity, knowledge and networks.

Medi-Cal Dental Providers

Oral Health Providers in Colusa County and surrounding areas

Medi-Cal Adult Dental Benefits

Dental Services for Adults, Pregnant and Postpartum Women

Children Dental care

Protect the little smiles you love

Smile, California

As a Medi‑Cal member, your benefits and your child’s benefits include dental coverage at little or no cost to you

Community Water Fluoridation

Tooth decay is one of the most common chronic diseases among American children.

Fluoridation and its effectiveness in preventing dental caries

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Additional Resources

Finding a Dentist




Finding Low Cost Dental Care


Finding Dental Insurance Coverage


Brush, Book, Bed Poster

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Colusa County Health & Human Services Oral Health Program

251 E. Webster St., Colusa, CA 95932

(530) 458-0389

Helpful Videos

What You Should Know About Returning to the Dentist During COVID-19