Juvenile Justice Coordinating Council (JJCC)

In 2001, The Colusa County Board of Supervisors established the Colusa County Juvenile Justice Coordinating Council (JJCC) in response to the Schiff-Cardenas Crime Prevention Act of 2000. The JJCC consists of membership from numerous agencies/organizations/and community members throughout the County who share a common interest in and a desire to participate in the development and implementation of innovative ideas for addressing, preventing and responding to juvenile criminal behavior in our community. This includes the rehabilitation of juveniles who through there prior criminal conduct are already involved in the Juvenile Justice system, as well as the implementation of early intervention strategies to divert at promise youths from unnecessary exposure to the Juvenile Justice system. This council and its role are defined in Welfare and Institutions Code. Section 749.22.

The JJCC is chaired by the Chief Probation Officer, with additional members being; representatives from the following agencies:

  • Sheriff’s Office
  • District Attorney’s Office
  • Public Defender’s Office
  • Board of Supervisors
  • County Health & Human Services Agency
  • Behavioral Health
  • County Office of Education
  • City Police Department

The council can also consist of the following community based organization (CBO)/public membership positions (if available in the community and not limited to just one position for each):

  • a community based drug and alcohol program
  • an at-large community representative
  • nonprofit community based organizations providing services to minors