What is Probation

The question "What is probation?" can often be a challenging one to answer.  To put it simply, probation is period of supervision during which a person must abide by a set of terms and conditions imposed by a court. This period of supervision often happens after a person has been convicted of a crime and a period of supervision has been imposed by the Court.  The period of supervision can vary in length and typically consists of routinely meeting with an assigned probation officer, developing and participating in a Case Plan, as well as abiding by the terms and conditions of probation ordered by the Court. If granted probation and the Court determines they have the ability to pay, a person may be required to pay fines and fees as ordered by the Court.  Probation allows someone who has been convicted of a crime, or may be going through the criminal justice and Court process, to remain in the community under the supervision of a probation department.  Remaining in the community allows the person on probation to work and maintain daily life, with the added structure and support of the probation department and a probation officer.

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Follow the link bellow to watch a short video from the Chief Probation Officers of California for more information.

Video: What is California Probation?

Who We Are as a Department

First and foremost, the Colusa County Probation Department is part of the community. Colusa County Probation Officers work to effect change and positive growth in the people they work with, and in turn make a meaningful impact to the community. The Colusa County Probation Department is committed to ensuring the safety of the community. This is accomplished by implementing a balanced justice model which includes: fairness, resourcefulness, and professionalism. Those on probation are held accountable by the department and its officers, through the enforcement of court orders. All of this is done for the protection of the public and the community.

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