Community Corrections Partnership (CCP)


Realignment legislation builds upon previous statewide initiatives designed to expand the use of evidence-based practices in sentencing and probation to reduce the state prison population. The California Community Corrections Incentives Act of 2009 (SB 678) established a Community Corrections Partnerships (CCP) in each county, which consists of several governments and community stakeholders.

Assembly Bill 109 (AB109) expanded the role of the CCP, through the establishment of an Executive Committee. The CCP Executive Committee (CCPEC), is chaired by the Chief Probation Officer, with additional members being; the Sheriff, District Attorney, Public Defender, local Chief of Police, Health and Human Services Agency Director and a Superior Court representative. The CCP provides planning, oversight, implementation, and assessment of Realignment in Colusa County. Realignment objectives and goals will be accomplished through the expanded use of evidence-based practices and programming that will promote positive behavioral change and outcomes to reduce recidivism.


  • Michael Rogers, Chief Probation Officer (Chair)
  • Jeffrey Thompson, Presiding Judge,  Superior Court
  • Matthew Beauchamp, District Attorney
  • Joe Garofalo, Colusa County Sheriff
  • Elizabeth Kelly, Director, Health and Human Services
  • Albert Smith, Public Defender’s Office
  • Josh Fitch, Chief,  Colusa Police Department


  • Wendy Tyler, Chief Administrative Officer
  • Michael West, Office of Education
  • Tony Hobson, Behavioral Health
  • Robert Zunino, Auditor/Controller
  • Angie O'Canas, One-Stop CBO