District Information

Colusa County Air Pollution Control District

100 Sunrise, Blvd., Suite F

Colusa, Ca 95932

Office: 530-458-0590

Fax: 530-458-3789

Board of Directors

Jose Merced Corona Supervisor of District I
John Loudon Supervisor of District II
Kent Boes Supervisor of District III
Gary Evans Supervisor of District IV
Denise Carter Supervisor of District V


Staff Members

Email Greg Hinton Director of Air Quality Standards

Email Donald Kitamura Deputy Air Pollution Control Officer

Email Casey Ryan Air Pollution Standards Officer III

Email John Karnegis Air Pollution Standards Officer I

Email Leeann Price Administrative Secretary

Hearing Board Members

Ed Hubert – Manager (CIP)

Chris Torres – Grower

Ralph Keeley – Grower

Adam Shiflett – Grower

Randy Johnson – Grower