Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA)

About SGMA

The Sustainable Groundwater Management Act gives local public agencies (counties, cities, water agencies, PUDs) authority to manage groundwater locally, with State oversight. All high and medium priority groundwater basins must be managed under a Groundwater Sustainability Plan (GSP). The first step in the process is for the eligible local agencies to determine the make-up of the governance structure(s) in their groundwater basins. The governance agencies, known as Groundwater Sustainability Agencies (GSAs) can be a single entity managing an entire basin or a combination of Agencies.

In Colusa County, we have two groundwater basins that are subject to SGMA - the Colusa subbasin which, after basin boundary modifications have taken place, spans portions of Colusa and Glenn Counties, and the Butte subbasin which spans portions of Colusa, Glenn and Butte Counties.

In Colusa County, a multi-agency Groundwater Sustainability Agency was formed by the June 30, 2017 state-mandated deadline. The GSA, known as the Colusa Groundwater Authority, is a Joint Powers Authority with a 12-member board of Directors.

Although individual landowners are not eligible to be a GSA, it is important that they stay informed and engaged in the planning process. It is especially important for groundwater users that are not part of a water district (private pumpers) to participate in SGMA planning. All beneficial uses and users of groundwater (Water Code Section 10723.2) must be taken into consideration during SGMA planning and implementation. There will continue to be ample opportunities for public engagement during development of Groundwater Sustainability Plans. If you are not on the County’s SGMA email list, please email the Water Resources staff.

While we work within Colusa County political boundaries on SGMA planning, Staff continues to communicate planning activities with Yolo County, Glenn County, and each of the other four counties involved in the Northern Sacramento Valley IRWM region (Butte, Tehama, Shasta, Sutter).

You can find information and presentations from past meetings, as well as information on upcoming local meetings regarding SGMA at the Colusa Groundwater Authority’s website.

SGMA Meetings and Meeting Materials

All agendas, minutes and meeting materials from Colusa Groundwater Authority meetings can be found on the CGA website

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