Child Welfare Services

Child Welfare Services

The Child Welfare Services Unit investigates reports of abuse and neglect of minors under the age of 18. The unit offers a range of services including emergency response, family maintenance, family reunification and permanent plan services. Social Workers also provide referrals to other community resources.

Report Suspected Child Abuse

If you suspect child abuse please complete the Suspected Child Abuse Reporting Form or Call (530) 458-0280 to make a report. A social worker is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Additional resources

Independent Living Program (ILP)

The Independent Living Program (ILP) provides foster youth with the essential like skills needed to transition from foster care to adulthood. All young adults participating in our ILP class will also:

  • Gain leadership skills
  • Life skills
  • Career skills
  • Computer skills
  • Learn everyday business etiquette
  • Identify key resources in the community
  • Participate in community service projects

After 18 Program

The California Fostering Connections to Success Act, (AB12), aims to provide some assistance to foster youth beyond the age of 18, enabling them to be better prepared for education and employment training opportunities, as well as developing and maintaining important relationships with caring adults.

Youth who achieve the age of 18 while in foster care are eligible to the program which extends foster care to the age of 21. Some former foster youth may be eligible to re-enter care. There are participation conditions that must be met in order to remain in the program.

Contact our office at (530) 458-0280 or for more information see the California Fostering Connections website.

Coveredtil26 Outreach Campaign Targets Foster Children

Children Now has launched a website and outreach campaign for, providing information about Medi-Cal coverage for former foster youth, who now are eligible until age 26. This site offers assistance on signing up and answers questions.