Surveyor Information and Forms

The County Surveyor is making the following helpful information and forms available. Please view the links to download or view the information:

How To: 


1.         Application obtained at the Planning Department by Applicant/Owner or his Surveyor.  Consultation with Planning and/or County Surveyor suggested to verify that the planned adjustment will be in compliance and to discuss any possible issues pertaining to the request. Note that a Lot Line Adjustment can only include 4 lots maximum per the Subdivision Map Act.

2.         Application completed by applicant or his surveyor and returned to the Planning Department with the appropriate fees and required documents.  The County Surveyor’s Department receives a portion of the fee.

3.         Planning Department reviews application package for completeness and compliance and when satisfied, forwards to County Surveyor for technical review.   Application at a minimum to include a current Title Report, two copies of a plot map and legal descriptions of the proposed new configured lots, latest deed of the property, latest deeds prior to March 4, 1972 indicating a legal parcel if in question, closure calculations, and any accompanying documents that may be pertinent to the lot line adjustment.

4.         The County Surveyor reviews the information, (may request additional information if necessary), and then returns the plot map exhibit and legal descriptions with the required and any suggested corrections to the applicant’s surveyor.   Applicant’s Surveyor makes the corrections and returns the final documents stamped and signed to the County Surveyor.  Using the final approved documents as exhibits, County Surveyor creates a Certificate of Compliance (COC) for the Lot Line Adjustment that is then resubmitted to Planning for the Planning Director’s signature and then the County Surveyor signs with a notary acknowledgement.

5.         Upon approval and signatures, the County Surveyor submits a copy of the COC to the Title Company (both by mail and electronically), usually the company that performed the initial report for the application.  The Title Company then drafts grant deeds using the new legal descriptions that has the owners granting the new configurations usually to themselves or to their neighbor as required.  The County Surveyor shall verify that the correct legal descriptions are used for the deeds.

6.         Title Company notifies County Surveyor that the approved Deeds have been signed by owners and are ready to be recorded.  Upon verifying that the prepayment of the estimated taxes for all the involved parcels has been paid, the County Surveyor makes the original COC available for Recording.  The COC is typically recorded immediately prior to the grant deeds.  Note that the COC is the counties approval of the new lot configurations but the grant deeds are the documents that actually create the new configured lots. 

            Note: All documents submitted to the Clerk Recorder for recording shall be 8 ½ “ x 11".