Air Pollution Control District

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December 6, 2021


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Current Air Quality


The mission of the Colusa County Air Pollution Control District is to protect the public health while balancing economic and air quality considerations.

The District is governed by a five member Board of Directors. All five Board members are County Supervisors. The Air Pollution Control Officer is appointed by the Board and serves as Executive Director of the District. The District legal counsel is also the County Counsel.

The Board of Directors appoints five citizens to the District’s Hearing Board, which considers appeals for rule variances and other similar matters. The Hearing Board is a quasi-judicial body. As required by the California Clean Air Act and the Federal Clean Air Act, the District is responsible for air monitoring, permitting, enforcement, long-range planning, regulatory development, education, and public information activities related to air quality. Local districts are the primary mechanism for air quality management. Districts must implement rules and regulations and provide enforcement for the attainment and maintenance of the California and national ambient air quality standards.

Under the direction of the Colusa County Agricultural Commissioner/Air Pollution Control Officer, the Colusa County Air Pollution Control District is responsible for:

  • Developing regulations
  • Long-range planning
  • Monitoring air quality
  • Permitting and enforcing regulations
  • Providing education and public information activities related to air quality