Bureau of Investigations

A District Attorney Investigator carries out investigations under the jurisdiction of the District Attorney’s Office. District Attorney Investigators investigate felony and misdemeanor offenses. The District Attorney Investigator is also known as a County Detective in some states.

The District Attorney’s Bureau of Investigations (DAI) is composed of sworn peace officers who work closely with our prosecutors to prepare and organize cases for court.

DAIs specialize by working in trial preparation and in collaborative investigations with allied law enforcement agencies within Colusa County. In some instances, DAIs build cases from the ground up. Their work ranges from serving subpoenas, reviewing and preparing criminal history reports, to conducting interviews of key witnesses and identifying and tracking down key pieces of evidence. Investigators also perform a variety of other duties, including but not limited: witness protection and relocation in homicide and gang-related cases; respond to family child abductions; forensic analysis of computer and electronic evidence.