Release of Personal Property


The Property and Evidence Unit is only responsible for property / evidence collected by the sheriff's office and the Colusa County Narcotics Enforcement Team. If your property was collected or seized by another law enforcement agency within Colusa County, you will need to contact that agency directly for the disposition of your property.

The evidence technicians do not always have sole authority to release property taken as evidence and may need prior authorization from the:

Technicians can facilitate the process for the release of property, but they do not always have the authority to determine what property can be released or when it can be released.

Property Release Regulations

Evidence and property that is no longer needed for court proceedings may be released to the owner, if known. The evidence technician will send a letter stating the property can be picked up to the owner's last known address. The following regulations are followed in the property release process:

  • Evidence and property used in the commission of a crime, such as controlled substances, related instruments, or contraband that is unlawfully used or possessed, may be destroyed.
  • All firearms releases require approval from the California Department of Justice (DOJ). View the California Department of Justice Bureau of Firearms Law Enforcement Gun Release Application (PDF) for detailed information and instructions.
  • Property is released by appointment only and will not be released to the owner without photo identification (driver's license, state ID card, passport, etc.).
  • You may also be asked to supply proof of ownership.

Call the Sheriff's Department at (530) 458-0200 to make an appointment for the release of property.