Officer Duties

Patrolling for Stray Animals

Animal Control officers impound stray animals before they become threats to residents or to themselves.

Promoting Pet Identification

Officers promote pet identification by:

  • Encouraging county residents to microchip their pets and put personal identification on them
  • Facilitating the pet license acquisition process
  • Providing pet licenses to the animal-owning citizens of Colusa County

Educating the Public

Public education measures taken by Animal Control include:

  • Encouraging spaying and neutering pets to control population growth
  • Promoting the importance of the dog-at-large law and pet licensing through a combination of enforcement and education
  • Taking a proactive approach in teaching and encouraging responsible pet ownership

Responding to Requests for Service

Animal Control officers receive various requests for service. Some of the most common responses include:

  • Assisting other agencies in impounding or identifying the location of dangerous or vicious animals
  • Enforcing animal-related laws and ordinances
  • Impounding stray and surrendered animals
  • Investigating complaints (e.g., dog at large)
  • Providing customer assistance and service

Responding to Vicious & Dangerous Animals & Bites

Officers immediately respond to reports if an animal has bitten a person or is a menace to the public.

For More Information

For more information about officer duties, please contact Animal Control at (530) 458-0229.