Registration & Notification


Crime victims and the general public register directly with Victim Information and Notification Everyday (VINE) by phone at (877) 411-5588 or online. To register for notification, you will need to provide VINE with the following information:

  • A four-digit personal identification number (PIN)
  • A telephone number, including area code, that can be reached for notification


Unless otherwise noted, notification calls will begin as soon as VINE receives updated records from the on-site computer. Notification calls to registered persons are made when one of the following activities occurs:

  • Advance notification of release
  • Escape
  • Release from custody for any reason
  • Return to custody after an escape
  • Transfer to another facility
  • Unsupervised custody

Calling Pattern

Calls will be made every 30 minutes for 24 hours or until the correct PIN is entered to confirm and stop the notification calls. If a call is answered but unconfirmed, calls will be made every two hours for 24 hours. Notification messages will be left on an answering machine, but calls will continue every two hours for 24 hours.

Please note: Notification calls show up as "unknown" on a caller ID. If these calls are blocked, VINE will not get through.