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The Colusa County Child Health and Disability Prevention (CHDP) Program is a preventive health program that provides free CHDP Health Exams for low to moderate income infants, children, teens, and youth. These no cost complete assessments promote early detection and disease prevention for those with obvious health problems and those who appear well. Children may receive well-child exams according to the CHDP Schedule. The CHDP Health Exam is provided by CHDP approved private medical doctors, clinics, medical groups, comprehensive health centers, and hospital clinics.


The Colusa County CHDP Program may also:

  • Assist you to find a doctor or dentist for your child
  • Help schedule a CHDP exam and other medical appointments
  • Assist with health exams required for school, sports, or camp
  • Offer information about transportation resources


CHDP Health Exams: 

  • Encourage families to seek preventive health care
  • Allow parents and children to ask questions about health
  • Help children stay healthy
  • Identify and prevent health problems before they become serious
  • Link people with treatment, education, support services and comprehensive health care coverage
  • Helps parents and children establish a relationship with a primary care physician (medical home)
  • Establish a baseline health history to aid diagnosis and treatment if a child becomes ill

Detecting and Treating Health Issues Early can help prevent: 

  • Pain
  • Growth and developmental problems
  • Learning difficulties
  • Costly illness and disabilities
  • Time off from work for parents
  • Serious health complications

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Medi-Cal recipients from birth until their 21st birthday.

Children with unmet Share of Cost Medi-Cal from birth until their 19th birthday.

Children with Limited Scope Medi-Cal from birth to 19th birthday.

Non-Medi-Cal eligible children from birth until their 19th birthday in families with income up to 20% of the federal poverty level.

Children in Foster Care are eligible, regardless of foster parents' income.


  • Call Public Health's CHDP office for the names of CHDP providers nearest you, call your physician and ask if they provide CHDP exams or click on the link below.
  • Make the CHDP exam appointment.
  • Families with Medi-Cal must bring their Medi-Cal cards, families that have no insurance must complete and sign a form declaring their income at the time of the visit.
  • Families of children attending a Head Start or State Preschool program should let the school and provider know when going in for a school entry health exam.


  • All children entering kindergarten or first grade should have a complete exam and up-to-date immunizations. Approximately one in ten children starting school has an unknown health problem such as asthma, hearing loss or vision loss. A comprehensive physical exam increases the opportunity to detect health problems early so that the conditions may be treated and long-term complications may be prevented.
  • When you take your child in for a school entry health exam (up to 18 months before first grade entry), ask the doctor to fill out a "Report of Health Examination for School Entry" form. Then take the completed form to your child's school nurse or school secretary at enrollment.
  • Children from low to moderate income families may get their exam and immunizations at no charge through our CHDP providers in Colusa County. If you child needs immunizations, he or she will get them during the health exam.
  • If you would like more information or you need help finding a doctor or clinic near you, call the Colusa County CHDP Program at (530) 458-0380 or click on the link below.

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