Election Observer Code of Conduct


What does an Election Observer do?

Observe any and all phases of the election process including:

  • Vote by mail and provisional ballot processing.
  • All activities at the elections office on Election Day.
  • Opening and closing of polls and Election Day proceedings at the polls.
  • Observe the post-election canvass.
  • Attend/monitor Poll Worker Training Classes.
  • Observe testing of election equipment prior to Election Day.

What is expected of the Election Observer?

  • Check in at each site and wear an Identification Badge.
  • Ensure that your presence, while welcomed, in no way interferes, interrupts, or diverts the attention of those charged with the operation of the polling place away from their responsibilities.
  • Refrain from touching any ballots or voting equipment, or sitting at the work table with the Poll Workers.
  • Cell phones, pagers, two way radios, any communications devices of that sort are prohibited in the polling place and in the elections office.
  • Observers may not display or wear any campaign materials or campaign badges, buttons, apparel supporting any measure or candidate.

Observer Panel Feedback

After the election participants are encouraged to provide feedback about their experiences. Feedback may be provided in person, in writing, by telephone or email.

Colusa County Elections Department Contact Information

Phone: 530-458-0500

Email the Clerk or Email Clerk Information

Colusa County Elections Department
546 Jay Street, Suite 200
Colusa, CA 95932

Office hours: Monday through Friday 8:30 – 4:00