Election Observer Plan


Colusa County welcomes all interested persons as "Election Observers". You may contact our office to notify us of your interest. In addition to observers who wish to participate on a one-time basis due to interest in a particular measure or candidate, the county has an established Election Observer Plan which has been in use since 1985. The objective is to encourage public participation and ensure integrity and transparency in the election process.

The plan relies on representatives from the Grand Jury, County Committees, media service providers and members of the Bar Association to send representatives to observe the various stages of the election process ranging from equipment testing to election night proceedings.

A schedule of election processes and events are posted on the county's website, sent to the newspaper and to the following local organizations along with a request for participation by representatives.

Groups are requested to submit the names of their representatives who will serve as Election Observers. Observers are issued a Letter of Appointment which they provide to election officials at various stages in the process, such as Logic and Accuracy testing, ballot processing, polling place observation, election night observation and canvass observation.

Participants must act in accordance with the "Code of Conduct for Election Observers".

General Information on Elections in Colusa County

Number of Precincts

Colusa County has 19 voting precincts.

  • 13 are polling Place Precincts
  • 6 are Mail Ballot Precincts

Voting System

Colusa County will be using a ballot scanning system manufactured by Dominion Voting Systems, Inc. to count all ballots centrally at the Elections Office.  


  • Registered Voters as of 5/07/2022: 10,120