Vital Records Information Requests

Making Requests

The clerk's office provides copies of birth and death certificates if the events occurred in Colusa County. Marriage certificate copies are available if the license was issued in the county. You can request copies by:

  • Sending a self-addressed, stamped envelope, necessary fees for each copy, and required application forms to the clerk's office, allowing approximately five working days to receive your certificate
  • Visiting the clerk's office between 8:30 am and 3:30 pm for same-day service

The County Clerk's Office is located at:
546 Jay Street
Suite 200
Colusa, CA 95932


  • Birth certificates for newborns are available about six weeks after the birth.
  • Death certificates are available approximately four weeks after the death.
  • Marriage certificates are available around three working days after they are received from the officiant.

Required Information

Birth Certificates

Required information includes:

Death Certificates

Required information includes:

Marriage Certificates

Required information includes: