County Clerk

Seniors and other at-risk members of the public who need in-person services and wish to minimize contact with others can make a special appointment by calling 458-0500.  Special appointments are available between the hours of 4:00 - 5:00p.m..


The county clerk-recorder is the guardian of real property, vital, and business records for Colusa County property owners and citizens. California law governs which documents may be filed with the county clerk or recorded with the county recorder.

Once accepted, documents are indexed for retrieval and preserved for access by the public. Copies are made available upon payment of a copy fee.

Real Property Records

Real property records dating back to 1850, when Colusa County was formed, can be found alphabetically by names of parties identified on the documents. Documents recorded prior to 1989 are found in our index books and microfilm, while documents recorded after 1989 can be found on the recorder's computerized index.