Dispatch 2020Duties

The Communications Center is comprised of dispatchers who are trained to handle a variety of duties and responsibilities involving 911 calls covering law enforcement, fire, and medical services. These duties include:

  • Dispatching any necessary units
  • Performing a variety of general support duties related to dispatcher activities, such as:
    • Data entry and filing
    • Jail control panel
    • Jail detention duties
    • Record keeping
  • Receiving incoming police, fire, medical, and emergency assistance calls


Dispatchers must have knowledge of the:

  • Computers and programs necessary in providing services
  • Federal Communications Commission's rules and regulations relative to the operating of two-way communications equipment
  • Functions and responsibilities of the sheriff's office and other user agencies
  • General office and record-keeping procedures
  • Jurisdictions and locations of streets, roads, and highways within the county
  • Kinds of information obtainable from criminal data banks
  • Techniques, procedures, and methods used in the operation of a public safety communications center

911 Information