Narcotics Task Force

Member Agencies

The Colusa County Narcotics Enforcement Team is a multi-agency task force consisting of the following law enforcement agencies:


The team's primary responsibility is the investigation of narcotics-related crime within Colusa County. The task force works closely with all law enforcement agencies in the county and state. We also work with a number of federal agencies.

Sources of Information

The task force relies heavily on information provided to us from law enforcement officers on the street and concerned citizens. We frequently get little bits of information from concerned citizens that later prove to be critical pieces in a criminal case.

Contact Us

Concerned citizens can call the Narcotics Enforcement Team directly at (530) 458-0222. This phone is answered only by task force agents, and your identity will remain confidential if you so desire. Messages can also be left at any time on the task force's answering machine.

Additional Resources