Court Security


The Colusa County sheriff's office is in charge of security at all courthouses within the county. The Court Security Division ensures the safety and security of the court buildings and of the people who appear and work in them. Court security facilitates and maximizes the efficiency of all judicial and other courthouse functions.

The Court Security Division delivers all in-custody defendants to and from the courthouse in a safe and secure manner. Security officers also staff the metal detectors at courthouse entrances and provide general security for the court complex.

Courtroom Regulations

Deputy sheriffs serve as bailiffs and maintain order in the courtrooms. The following are some of the most common regulations enforced by the division:

  • All items that may potentially be used as weapons (e.g., scissors and nail files) are restricted from entry.
  • All persons and their properties are subject to search prior to entry or re-entry into the courthouse.
  • All photographing, recording, and televising of courtroom proceedings must be approved by written court order.
  • Any person who disrupts the courtroom is subject to ejection from the court and/or arrest.
  • Persons with inappropriate attire are subject to exclusion or ejection from the courtroom.
  • Weapons of any sort are subject to be confiscated. The owner may also be arrested for possession of a weapon in a courthouse.

Inmate Security

Deputy sheriffs staff the courthouse lock-ups. There is no provision for inmate visitation at the courthouse.

For More Information

For more information about court security, please contact the sheriff's department at (530) 458-0200.