Assessor's responsibilities include:

  • Answering questions about property ownership and assessments
  • Auditing all entities doing business in the county
  • Providing information on recent property sales and other information for a fee
  • Valuing all real property
  • Valuing all taxable personal property
  • Apply all qualifying exemptions

Contrary to popular belief, the assessor does not:

  • Collect property taxes
  • Compute property tax bills
  • Establish property tax laws
  • Mail out tax bills
  • Set property tax rates


The assessor discovers and assesses all property within the county as required by law. The office must produce and deliver an assessment roll by July 1 of each year. The assessment roll becomes the base upon which local property taxes are levied, collected, and distributed to the cities, county, and special districts to fund government services.

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Parcel Maps

The assessor establishes and maintains a set of maps for assessment purposes, delineating every parcel of land in the county. These parcel maps serve as the basis for the assessment of all real property in Colusa County and are continuously updated to reflect new subdivisions and surveys. These maps are available for review and may be purchased at the assessor's office. Through the ParcelQuest link you may obtain maps, situs address, parcel number, and assessed valuations.

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