Inspection Information

Required Information

All county building permit holders must provide the following information when requesting a building inspection:

  • Approved and stamped plans and specifications issued by the Building Department on-site, if applicable
  • Building permit number
  • Location of building

A legible address must be posted where visible from the nearest county road to the project site. Projects more than 100 yards off the county road shall have intermittent directional signage to the project site.

Cancellation Policy

All cancelled inspections shall be received in the Building Department office prior to 8:00 am the day of the requested inspection.

Scheduling Requests

You may request inspections by phone at (530) 458-0481.  Please request your inspection at least three to five days in advance for an inspection. 

Additional Information

Failure to comply with the above items will result in the payment of a re-inspection fee of $47 per hour, which is to be received by the Building Department prior to another inspection being scheduled. Additional fees may be charged per the county building code.

For more information, please contact the Building Department at (530) 458-0481.