Colusa County offers an excellent benefit package. Employees may be eligible for the following:


You will accrue vacation as follows:

  • New hires through five (5) years of continuous service will accrue 2 weeks of vacation per year. 
  • Six (6) years through ten (10) years of continuous service will accrue 3 weeks of vacation per year.
  • Eleven (11) years through nineteen (19) years of continuous service will accrue 4 weeks of vacation per year.
  • Twenty (20) or more years of continuous service will accrue (5) weeks of vacation per year. 

Vacation accrual is capped at 1.5 times the yearly rate.

Department Heads in Colusa County will have their years of service with other public agencies credited on a year-for-year basis for accrual purposes.


Most employees receive thirteen (13) paid holidays per year, holidays vary by unit; pro-rated for part-time employees.


Sick Leave             

One (1) day paid sick leave is accrued each month, beginning with date of hire. Pro-rated for part-time employees. For Peace Officers, unused sick leave1 may be converted to California Public Employees' Retirement System (CalPERS) service credit at retirement.


Health and Insurance Benefits

Health – Colusa County offers several HMO and PPO medical plan options through CalPERS. Currently, the County pays the entire premium for all coverage levels if employees select the CalPERS Gold or Western Health Advantage Plan. Eligibility is based on your residence or work zip code, for more information visit the CalPERS website here or contact Human Resources.                            

Dental  Colusa County offers HMO and PPO dental plans with orthodontic coverage through Delta Dental.

Vision – Colusa County offers a vision plan through Vision Service Providers (VSP) Ameritas. The County contributes the full premium for employee only. Enrollment is mandatory at the employee – only level.

For an overview of our Health, Dental & Vision plans along with their pricing details for each Association, please see below. 

Benefits Overview effective January 1, 2024, for Colusa County Employees' Association Units

Benefits Overview effective January 1, 2024, for Colusa Deputy Sheriffs' Association Units

Benefits Overview effective January 1, 2024, for Management and Unrepresented Units


Colusa offers an excellent retirement benefit through CalPERS (3% @ 60 for Classic Members or 2% @ 62 for New Members); that means a lifetime paycheck upon retirement! (After 5 years of service.)

Deferred Compensation 457(b) Plans – Colusa County offers optional deferred compensation plans through CalPERS Voya and MetLife with matching employer contributions based on years of service:

    • Up to 7 years of service: $20 per month
    • 7-15 years of service: $30 per month
    • 15+ years of service: $40 per month


Generally, you are never more than two (2) years away from getting your next pay increase! 

Currently, the salary range for each position consists of 15 steps. The first 6 steps are annual merit steps, with approximately 5% difference between each step. Annual advancement is based on successful performance. Steps 7-15 represent additional merit steps, and eligibility for step advancement is based on 2 years of satisfactory performance at the previous step. Steps 7 through 14 provide increases of 2.5% each, while Step 15 offers a 5% increase. The successful applicant can expect to be offered a salary ranging from steps I to 15, depending on their experience and qualifications. To view our job class table, click here.

Supplemental Benefits

County of Colusa offers a wide variety of optional supplemental benefits through Colonial Life and other vendors.

AccidentLife Insurance
CancerMASA Life Flight Insurance
Critical IllnessShort Term Disability
FSA Dependent CareSupplemental A&D
FSA Health CareWhole Life Insurance
Health Reimbursement AccountVoluntary Dental
Hospital Confinement

Social Security

The County participates in the Social Security Program. Employee share: 6.2% up to $168,600. 

What is the benefit of being a part of CalPERS and Social Security? Both Social Security and CalPERS retirement programs offer a source of retirement income. Social Security is a federal program that provides a basic level of retirement income for eligible individuals, while CalPERS is a California public employee retirement system that offers retirement benefits to public employees in the state. By participating in these programs, individuals can receive regular income payments during their retirement years.


California State Disability Insurance

Colusa County participates in the SDI program, the employee rate is 1.1 %.