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Colusa County Agricultural Maps
Pesticide Buffer Zone Maps
Walnut Orchard
Certain crops, such as walnuts and prunes, are highly sensitive to specific pesticides that are commonly used in agricultural practices. Colusa County Agricultural Biologists have created annual maps of Regiment buffer zones around walnut crops and Propanil buffer zones around prune crops to promote quality control of these crops during pesticide applications.

For your convenience, we have created printable maps covering the entire County of Colusa (ledger-size with the ability to print as ledger and letter-sizes), as well as letter-sized zoomed-in portions of the County.

Please contact the Agriculture Department at (530) 458-0580 if you have any questions regarding these maps.

2016 Regiment Buffer Zone Maps around Walnuts

2016 Propanil Buffer Zone Maps around Prunes

2016 Clincher Maps

2016 Phenoxy/Dicamba Buffer Zone Maps around Grapes & Cotton