Public Administrator

Public Administrator

The Public Administrator should be notified by anyone who has the knowledge of an estate of a decedent under the following circumstances:

  1. Where there are no heirs.
  2. When no executor or administrator had been appointed and the estate is being wasted, uncared for or lost.
  3. When the named executor of a Will fails to act and the court appoints a Public Administrator.
  4. When the Will names the Public Administrator as the estate administrator.
  5. When an heir, or heirs, wish to have the Public Administrator administer the estate for them.

Estates of Deceased Without Heir

California Government Code section 50050 provides that unclaimed monies, including estates of deceased without known heirs, which remain in the County Treasury for at least three (3) years may be escheated to the County’s general fund after public notice. At the end of the three-year period, unclaimed items over $15 must be published in a newspaper of county-wide circulation as notice that these funds will become property of the County if they remain unclaimed after a specified date, 45 to 60 days after publication. Once the unclaimed item becomes the property of the County, a claim may no longer be submitted.

Unclaimed Estates List


PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that the following sums of money, which the County of Colusa has attempted to pay out the following individuals or entities, has remained unclaimed, in fund 07053, for a period of three years or more.  Pursuant to California Government Code Section 50051, these sums will become the property of the County of Colusa on 02/29/2020 if not claimed.

Eva Lopez$   962.18

Willis G Rose$2,197.84

Leonard Garrison$1,879.48

Ora Burris$4,165.61

In order to make a claim for these funds, contact the Colusa County Treasurer Tax-Collector’s Office.

Filing a Claim

The County of Colusa had a duty to release funds to the rightful claimant , and we require that proof of identification be provided with a signed claim form. The claim form provides guidelines for proof of identity. In addition to claim form and proof of identity , please include documents and/or records that evidence your relationship to the decedent or prove that you are the legally appointed personal representative of the decedent’s will, if any, and a copy of the decedent’s death certificate. At least forty (40) days must have elapsed since the death of the decedent before a claim can be processed.

Mail the completed form and documents to the Treasurer-Tax Collector’s Department, 547 Market Street, Suite 111, Colusa, CA 95932 All claims are reviewed in detail. If adequate documents are not provided, our office will return all documents to the claimant along with a letter explaining why the claim was denied.

Declaration in Support of Request for Release of Funds 

**Claims may be made directly to the Colusa County Treasurer without any service charges or fees.**